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Case study | Electronic device web shop


Company overview

The company is a national service and sales center for a range of electronic devices from a variety of brands. The company has been active since 2005, currently employing over 130 people. The organization has a turnover of EUR 40 million.


The company needed a better and more advanced solution. One of the most important needs was connecting all process with the web shop. The solution had to improve the online shopping experience for customers, and simplify process management and reporting.


The solution enabled process automation, warehouse monitoring, content management and marketing activities.


The result was complete automation and integration of the procurement and sales process. Reporting, integration with payment systems, an increase in marketing activities and user management were provided.



The company wanted to replace its existing web shop with a new and better solution. The customer oriented marketing activities had to be improved, and customer and shipment tracking had to be simplified.

The processes were not automated, which lead to problems in warehouse management, and there was no connection to the ERP system nor a direct access point to the database. The data had to be manually entered, thus leading to longer process times. On the other hand, users could not easily identify promotional sales and could not easily search and filter products.

The existing solution did not provide connectivity with delivery services and partners and their automatic tracking, which could be solved by implementing StoreApp.


The company decided to use Maidea StoreApp as a basic web shop solution. Maidea implemented all of the StoreApp functionalities in order to provide maximum benefit to the company.

It is now possible to create and manage categories and subcategories of products and promotional sales of products. Options can be defined for each article, the display layout can be edited and mass upload or an Excel file upload can be performed. The user interface was updated, so it is now possible to register with the web shop in several ways (Facebook, Google+...), integration with Google Analytics was performed and it is now possible to create banners and manage them.

The reporting system, and warehouse and document management were improved, synchronization with the ERP system and payment systems was performed. The solution enabled the assignment of discount policies according to product categories for various B2B partners.


Maidea StoreApp is a easy-to-use, flexible solution that provided the company with the perfect solution for its business needs. It provided the needed process automation which secured business continuity.

StoreApp provided the company with better web-based marketing activities and simpler content creation and management.