ServiceApp | Software for tracking work order status online


Case study | Tracking mobile device status


Company overview

Telecommunication services company.


The company was faced with a need for efficient solutions for managing the after-sales life cycle of mobile devices with advanced reporting capabilities. In addition, the solution had to be integrated with the ERP and CRM solutions so mobile devices could be tracked in a single location.


The solution enabled process automation, tracking device work orders, connection to partner systems, as well as sending customer notifications.


The implementation of ServiceApp has resulted in a significant improvement in the quality of the after-sales process. The level of service quality and “client connectivity” increases together with automation and acceleration of login and service request resolution regardless of the type of equipment or service.



The company's existing solution is based on the CRM and ERP systems, and is inflexible when it comes to requirements for fast process changes and their tracking, and does not provide complete user history information. Quick and efficient processing of user complaints was also important.

The current solution has a blind spot in the part of the process where there is no information as to what happens to the user device. The blind spot occurs when the user physically takes the device to the service center, rather than using the telecom POS location.


The company decided to implement ServiceApp as a basic business solution. Maidea implemented all of the ServiceApp features in order to provide maximum benefit to the company. Now each device has a unique work order within ServiceApp, which is then used to track the device through the process. Maidea ServiceApp fully covers all stages of the after-sales process from receiving the device at the point of sale, pickup of defective devices directly from the user, distributing the device to the service center, complete tracking of the service/replacement process and returning the device to the user or to the point of sale.

The web interface options include review of the work order status, viewing the history of order movement, viewing damage scans, input of supporting documentation, communication with the service / sales center, review and acceptance of offers not covered by warranty.

Additionally, ServiceApp was used to connect with service partners, meaning that now, one can always know when a device is being serviced with the partner, which solved the problem of the blind spot.


Maidea ServiceApp is an easy-to-use, flexible solution that provided the company with a perfect web application for its business needs. Greater process automation and integration with the existing systems were achieved, along with the provision of detailed chronological overview of device actions (simplification of inspection supervision). The application also supports replacement device issuance and tracking.

The time of device receipt at the POS site was reduced using reception desk cameras for scanning device status and the supporting documentation, thus increasing customer satisfaction at the very beginning of the process.

Each participant in the process has their own trackable KPIs together with the option of counting the time that was spent on a particular status within the process. All of this information may be available (but not necessarily) to end users (only for their device).