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Case study | Wi-Fi that attracts more consumers to the destination


Company overview

A very modern, market-leading shopping mall More than 450 shops, more than 8,500 free parking spaces, car wash, casinos, movie theater and entertainment facilities.


The main challenge for the shopping mall was to establish the best possible connection with its customers.


The implementation of the Linkyfi Location Engine for gathering and processing consumer activity data and Linkyfi platform for wireless network management and marketing.


Increased reputation of the shopping mall as a provider of ultra-modern technology.



In order to establish the best possible connection with the customers, it was necessary to gather the information about the behavior of a large number of customers at once, analyze them and approach the customers without being aggressive. The shopping mall already had a good Internet infrastructure, providing a constant and fast network with 300 access points distributed all over the area. Therefore, what posed a significant challenge was making an even better use of this infrastructure, creating an efficient solution that operates smoothly with a large number of access points and connecting to it.


Maidea offered the Linkyfi Location Engine as a smart Wi-Fi solution for detecting and locating built-in Wi-Fi devices. It groups data gathered from real-time access points and displays them in the form of Wi-Fi user routes and heat maps. It is also an analytics tool that provides real-time statistics relating to customers, as well as to the number of locations and customers logged in as well as customers within the Wi-Fi range. Linkyfi is a solution for Wi-Fi management and a powerful marketing platform.

By logging in through branded captive portals, the customer is provided with Wi-Fi access, while Linkyfi redirects them to set the URL page. Linkyfi also segments customers according to demographic parameters and uses these data to enable personalized marketing campaigns based on their behavior within the area.

Knowing a user’s exact location allows for sending not only personalized messages, but also messages based on real-time location. This includes sending push notifications with special offers or discounts when a customer passes by a certain location and map navigation to the exact location according to their preferences.


One of the tangible benefits for the shopping mall is the possibility to observe the routes of individual customers and the flow of customers throughout the location. Thanks to this data, the client has all the information required about their customers and what they are looking for. Linkyfi has made it possible to fully connect with the customers, significantly improve their user experience and save their time.

Additionally, marketing campaigns became more effective. Customer data enabled the maximization of advertising spaces and sales stands. Apart from the increase in advertising profit, there is available data on the reach of marketing campaigns. Linkyfi provides a wide range of marketing and commercial capabilities.