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Digital transformation of business processes
for online sales purposes


1. Business automation

  • Automated sales process implementation
  • Integration with other business systems
  • Connecting sales partners and delivery services

Assortment management

Campaign management

2. Warehouse management

  • Unlimited number of warehouses and their interdependencies
  • Tracking regional warehouses and connecting vacancies per city
  • Various delivery partners and suppliers per item or product group
  • Automated checking of available quantities and notification

3. Reports

  • Large number of reports available
  • Generating reports, predefined reports and automated reports upon request
  • Manual and automated report export in a preferred format
  • Tracking system operation based on a large number of available parameters

4. Document generation

  • Generating all sales documentation (order / delivery confirmation, invoices, payments)
  • Creating storage documentation (receipts, delivery notes, issue slips, internal transfer notes)
  • Exporting predefined documents in a preferred format

5. Task organization

  • Sending messages to internal users
  • Opening internal user tasks related to a particular sales activity (packaging, shipping, document creation...)
  • Generating other tasks
  • Defining groups of internal users
  • Task escalation

Customer center

  • User activity tracking system
  • Quick search of relevant user information
  • Tracking and recording all user communication
  • Order status tracking

6. B2B web shop

  • Connecting with sales partners
  • Varying rebate policies for individual partners
  • Varying item visibility to partners
  • Permitted order limit
  • Checking item status
  • Downloading advertising material and product specification
  • Process automation via web service

Cross-sector work experience


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