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Sales and service location

  • Sales location for device pickup
  • Entering data such as: visible damage, guarantee, contract, etc. (scanning option) name, last name, address, device IMEI no, serial number etc.
  • Opening work orders for service providers
  • Device status monitoring option (received, pending, in service, delivered, completed...)
  • Managers can track multiple locations (based on a permission system)
  • POS location can organize delivery and transport of the device from POS location to service center
  • Automated notifications to third parties (partners) regarding device collection and servicing at their location

Logistics | Service

  • Tracking the entire process of device servicing
  • The process is compatible with the guidelines of global manufacturers
  • The module is based on a licensing system that is easily integrated with the roles of service center employees (each employee has permissions in accordance with his or her duties)
  • Supporting external service centers (capability to integrate with a partner’s centers)
  • Overview of device servicing history
  • Classification of devices by type, brand, type of process (service, sales...)
  • Input of warranty sheets, scanned documents, various attachments...
  • Tracking device flow between POS, service center and end user


  • Daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports
  • Predefined and customized reports based on multiple parameters
  • File export in xsl format (appropriate for business and financial analyses)
  • Report availability at any phase

Documentation export

  • Predefined reports on device manufacturer and location
  • Export in any format
  • Customized reports, such as billing


  • Control of warehouse status and the flow of goods and material
  • Control of suppliers
  • Control of consumption of spare parts and material
  • Anticipating future material requirements on the basis of statistical analysis
  • Tracking specific parts by serial number — FIFO and LIFO methods available
  • Connection with third parties

Managing work tasks

  • Sending messages or tasks to other system users
  • Adding tasks and comments for each user
  • Operators may convey relevant internal information to customer support service or service personnel
  • For instance, the service provider defines the price and informs the call center to contact the client in order check whether the price is acceptable and whether they want the repair process to continue


  • Warnings of process anomalies
  • Issuing warnings regarding particular devices to specific employees
  • Adaptability to any step in the process requiring coverage

Case monitoring

  • Overview of the entire service process
  • Integrated with partner systems
  • Each work order may be monitored

Customer center

  • A quick and easy method for finding the information needed about clients, devices or processes
  • Connected with the work task management module
  • Internal and external communication with users
  • Monitoring entire external communication
  • Option for operators to inform service providers about user inquiries

Checking order status

Clients track their device status • Data printing in various formats • Branded interface for partners

Mobile application

• Notifications of and overview of all work orders assigned
• Work order processing
• Selection of consumables used
• Selection of parts mounted and previously debited through the warehouse
• Attaching photo documentation, reviewing attachments
• Placing digital signatures on orders

Managing bills of quantities and contracts

• Customization according to project documentation
• Harmonization of external prices and internal items
• Mapping internal documents and contracts
• Customization of built-in material according to field evaluation
• Generation of statistical reports for material requirements and internal material available from suppliers


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