ServiceApp | After-sales process automation software


Process monitoring and management with a primary
focus on services, technical protection, installers and telecoms


1. Consolidated

  • Monitoring contracts, employees, locations, devices, material
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports
  • Predefined and customized reports
  • Report availability at any phase
  • Reduction of unnecessary expenses
  • Warnings of process anomalies

2. Mapping
business processes

  • Application access through various devices and locations
  • Gathering required field data
  • Processing all activities within a business process
  • Improving performance by examining the current state

3. Expense management

  • Control of warehouse and the flow of goods
  • Control of suppliers
  • Control of consumption of spare parts and material
  • Anticipating future material requirements on the basis of statistical analysis
  • Capability to enter all related expenses during field work

4. Managing bills of quantities and contracts

  • Customization according to project documentation
  • Harmonization of external prices and internal items
  • Mapping internal documents and contracts
  • Customization of built-in material according to field evaluation
  • Generation of statistical reports for material requirements and internal material available from suppliers

5. Business transparency

  • A system oriented to all process owners
  • Business networking across multiple countries
  • Integration with other CRM and ERP systems
  • Real-time business monitoring
  • Visibility of results through increased profit and / or market share

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