Linkyfi | Guest WiFi management and marketing platform


Marketing platform for visitor experience management through wireless networks


New level of user experience management

  • Branding and advertising option
  • Organisation-level analysis
  • Visitor movement tracking
  • Supporting an unlimited number of locations
  • Integration with third-party services

1. Wi-Fi management for guests

  • Various network login options (e-mail, social media, registration, voucher, filling in a survey or viewing a promotional video)
  • Single-point multiple location management
  • Unlimited number of organizations within a structure
  • Establishing an unlimited number of networks

2. Analytical data

  • Analysis based on multiple locations and their mutual connections
  • Counting visitor number and interaction
  • Detailed visitor behavior analysis
  • Extensive network traffic analysis

3. Location-based services

  • Displaying current user position at the location and their movement
  • Traffic detection within an area (heat map)
  • Real-time location-based campaigns (SMS, e-mail)
  • Visitor navigation based on Wi-Fi

4. Marketing activities

  • Creating effective marketing campaigns
  • Segmentation by age, gender, time of stay and last access
  • Captive portals and landing sites branded by particular areas (shops, restaurants etc.) within a location
  • Survey preparation
  • Loyalty program – for instance, rewarding a repeated visit

Cross-sector work experience


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