Aerohive Networks | Enterprise network equipment | WiFi


Reliable, secure, scalable and easily manageable wireless network access


  • Improved connection and operation stability and reducing access point failures
  • Simple installation and management of safety and firewall settings
  • Simple internal and public network management
  • Simple guest access authorisation with time-limited Internet access
  • Personalized registration forms for each user
  • Overview of all infrastructure operation reports and historical data

1. CLOUD management sistem

  • Detailed infrastructure use reporting systems for user profiles and device types
  • Allows network development, maintenance and constant transparency to administrators
  • Easy management of new access points and auto-configuration
  • Infrastructure management from any location
  • Automated upgrading and backup

2. Central system


Smooth operation of all access points, regardless of central system availability

Managing any additional APs and devices

Simple use of cloud and local infrastructure

Includes problem-detecting tools

3. Aerohive
network functionality

  • Flexible customization ad selection between public and private cloud
  • Visibility and control of network usability and maintenance
  • Tools designed for easy troubleshooting
  • Unique and simple system configuration through central network management location

4. Guest user
management option

  • Time-limited access to specific physical locations
  • Administrator opens guest accounts and distributes private pre-shared keys via SMS or e-mail
  • Predefined portals with promotional messages
  • Integration with social networks
  • Detailed report on user returning to the network (access frequency...)

5. Mesh network system

Improved connection stability

Redundant system option where one point can be associated with one or more adjacent ones

Provides the highest level of network availability and resistance

Ensures that there is no dependence on one stop point and smooth operation of other ones

6. Radius and 802.1x

  • Centralized authentication and authorization using a built-in or external radius server
  • Assigning different security profiles depending on radius attributes and device type
  • Allows implementation of additional security settings
  • Authenticates user login and authorizes user network access
  • Implementation of corporate authentication and authorization policy on a wireless network

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