E-measurements | Energy consumption monitoring system


System for measuring and monitoring
energy products and other values

Consumption details

  • Value change tracking
  • Simplifies expenditure monitoring
  • Independent consumption cost calculation
  • Alarm triggering in case of excessive consumption
  • Measurement grouping based on several parameters
  • Display of current and historical consumption for each available piece of data

1. Data gathering and processing

  • Manual value input or automatic reading
  • Mass input option using Excel spreadsheet
  • Value processing based on predefined parameters
  • Consumption tracking per specific device and / or group
  • Generating spreadsheets displaying consumption / specific value trends

2. Reports

  • Tracking over a certain period
  • Analysis preparation
  • The system independently generates certain reports based on predefined parameters
  • Creating multiple different reports based on different parameters
  • Reports may be generated at any period

3. Alarms

  • Quick data verification
  • Notification if a particular parameter exceeds a predefined value
  • Issuing warnings to specific individuals

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